Gifted, Educational & Diagnostic/Psychological Testing

Testing is systematic process that enables us to learn more about you or your child in order to help your school, therapist, or another doctor more effectively meet your needs. Testing may be administered for educational purposes to determine if a student qualifies for specialized placement or services, or for general curriculum planning. Various types of psychological testing are utilized to better understand a person's symptoms and feelings in order to formulate an accurate diagnosis and individualized plan of treatment or therapy.

Gifted Testing

Gifted testing is utilized to objectively identify whether or not your child meets a school's criteria for placement in its Gifted Education Program. These criteria are standard for Palm Beach County and other Florida public schools and include the following:

  • A need for the program as demonstrated by evidence of a majority of characteristics of gifted students as scored on a District Checklist
  • A score at the 90th percentile or higher on either the math or reading portion of an individually administered achievement test
  • A score of 130 or higher on an individually administered IQ (Intelligence Quotient)Test

Is my child gifted?

If your child is quite expressive, unusually curious, has an advanced vocabulary, is particularly good with mathematical concepts, asks thought provoking questions, has a wide range of interests, and seems to understand advanced concepts, she/he may be considered "gifted". Teachers and other school faculty may recognize these and other traits in your child and recommend they be considered for a gifted curriculum. A Gifted Education Program is one that challenges qualified students through innovative teaching methods and enriched content. Gifted programs are considered more rigorous and advanced than the basic curriculum.

Scheduling Gifted Testing & Getting Results

If you would like more information about gifted testing, please contact our office via phone or email and our Board Certified School Psychologist will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Testing can usually be scheduled within a week of your initial contact and results provided within two weeks.

Details about the School District of Palm Beach County Gifted Education Program can be found in its Gifted Handbook.

Educational (Psycho-educational) Testing

Educational, or psycho-eductional testing as it is also referred is a more comprehensive type of assessment used to clarify a student's intellectual and academic capabilities, and to diagnose specific learning disorders. Such an evaluation is utilized by school personnel for educational planning and to identify students with special needs. A psycho-educational evaluation may also examine behavioral, developmental, and emotional issues as they relate to academic performance and social functioning. The evaluation involves the administration of a battery of different tests, which may require two sittings for the student to complete.

Diagnostic & Psychological Testing

Diagnostic or psychological testing is a clinic tool utilized by mental health providers to better understand a person's symptoms, feelings, and personality. This information is helpful in making an accurate diagnosis and formulating a plan of treatment. Psychiatrists may utilize diagnostic/psychological testing results to guide them in prescribing the right medication. Information gleaned from testing provides therapists with a better understanding of their clients, which is helpful to the counseling process. Primary care doctors may also request diagnostic/psychological testing to better understand how emotional issues may be contributing to physical health problems.